my momma's tree

my momma's tree

my momma's tree
its talking to the flowers

oh a little black shade
a little sunshine

its a bonshai tree
came from this country of Japan

oh an outside tree
the leaves dance in the winter breeze
just blooming away upon the morning skies

this is my momma's tree
she brought it for herself
only december ago

she gave it some water
to feed the baby roots

and when the spring comes,
it will stay outside

oh a little sunshine won't hurt

a brown trunk keeps growing and growing

one day it will stand tall
taller than my house


the little black shade won't hurt

cos its need to block the sun from burning

my momma's tree
its so lovely
sitting there next to the valentine red flowers
and i'm looking at them on the freezer
by the blue curtain sliding door

oh i wonder if i throw my dreams away
into the dirt
and it would become a dreaming tree....

or if i decorated it with
thousand papers of my love poems
then it would become
The Romantic Poetry Tree

but this is my momma's tree
such a short cute tree
its shadow lying down in the
light bulb
awaiting patiently
for my mom to take it outside
so it can open for the sunshine

copyright © 2006 kai croft

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