Drum Beat

Drum Beat

Drum beat
I could feel it
May wonder why
I feel it
Each time
I’m writing something poetic
I could feel the sound
Not just my voice
The rhythm of my own emotion
Its stirring
I never wanna stop
Its not the butterflies
Its my extinct
I’m writing
I’m writing from my own soul

To the drum beat
I know
I crave for that some kind of music
Flowing inside my body
Its that passion
Its that I am a servant
And poetry‘s a god
I got that feeling every day
When I wrote poetry

Sweet drum beat
Reminiscing the heart of mine
As I captured the glow
When people read my poetry out loud
They could feel my drum beat
I could move them to the hallucination
If they  only see what I see
In my point of view

I listen to the drum beat
Each time
Each moment
Each second
And it feels so good
How I smile
And be very wise
Being wide open
Even when I’m not writing

So to speak
Myself in  rising tide ocean
With swimming away in the waves
Or I’m beaming over the sun with my shadow

I know my own drum beat
Its inside me
Dancing with my veins
Over- flowing with my young blood

Words  perfect words
Like I say
They enter my brain
Vibrating me
I remember my voice
Has been discovering

Also known as
My very drum beat
The feeling I get
I’m writing poetry

The certain feeling
I had
Is actually pounding
In my chest
And it
Makes my left hand dance
With my lend pencil
Tapping on the click of my little mouse pad

There are always going to be
Too many different sounds
One drum beat

Some how everybody has their own drum beat
They just don’t know it
They don’t even listen or feel it d
Until their hearts has a

drum beat
i know what it sounds

its peace
its love
its life
its fear
even death

causing me to write
and dance with my own poems


I am my own drum beat

Copyright ©2006 kai croft

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