kiss and dance

kiss and dance

kiss and dance
that's what i do to u
kiss and dance
like angel fly high in clouded dust
kiss and dance
as love enters the room of beautiful orchestra

music groove into the navy sky
oh my heart is the drumming soldier
and its battling with the warrior of pain

i know u
ur having an affair with me
all over the dance floor
underneath that silvery spotlight of the moon
where our pure connection meet

yet the stars are our sweet victims
they make us glow

kiss and dance
holding me close
feeling ur breath warms my skin
while the moment's caressing our presence

somehow i knew
i was dreaming it could be real
but i smile at my fatecos its rising above my head
and i grab the piece of wisdom and then
put it in my pajamas pocket
so one night there would be the real u
dancing with me in the summer night

and we kiss and dance
upon the poetry stage oh everyone
is looking  at us smiling and i could feel the burning streams of
ur own blood's rushing through me

i roll away
to touch ur hand
tenderly like
i walked my fingers upon ur palm
as ur words are speaking to my ears

u asked me
to kiss ad dance
i said yes we shall kiss and dance
Copyright  ©2006 kai croft

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