Mr William

Mr. William     3/13/06 3:14pm

big guy
with almost looking like sunglasses
     as he sit in his office
for i know nothing of
what he's doing
but  all i knew he's taking care
     of his business

his office is next to
the other doors
as people enter the school ground or
exit on the way out

yet his glass window plus the fat white blind
the sun's beaming over his back

and everytime i went
     to the cafeteria
he's there with mrs. dove and the other folks
     watching all the 8th grade students
          behave themselves

  i asked him
     about mr. haydon or just saying hi
which the case
that is a formal way of
with each other

i'm a poet
     he's more like to keep the kids
               and we are equally

          for a fact
               we're cool.........
copyright ©2006 kai croft     

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