my love letter in a poem format

my love letter in a poem format

what can i say to u
when all my reveries capture ur faith?
thinking i'm so numb
as my heart's bleeding over the page
looking for words like a treasure hut
oh there’s nothing i can say

nothing i say
in my love letter
but my heart keeps beating
as a silent drum

it goes bang bang i love u
it keeps going
never stops
til my feelings are all gone

and though my feelings never goes away
so i just follow my rhythm
somehow lingers my handwriting prints or script
or type up in a word document within some sweet evidences of my soul
would give u a clue of that

so i put my love letter in a poem format
turning into a precious stanza
and in that beautiful stanza
i wrote about u me us,
kissing under the bridge tunnel
while the rainbow is shining in the graceful sky
i wrote about how we cherish and nourish the moment

but i was wishful thinking
wishful thinking that i'm with u

and ever since u saw me
u didn't know i was concealing my own truth
until u find my letter

my voice is written
rhythm grooves over ur veins
i might give u warm chills right down on ur spine
yet ur only faith's wrapping my pinky finger

i shall not speak
or sigh
just waiting for u to get the letter

i'm gonna leave my patience here in my bedroom
while i carry my shadow in the burning heat
and write my voice through another entry of a notepad page
copyright ©2006 kai croft

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