at unos

at unos

i sat there with my mother & my niece
at the booth while the lamplight is shining high above the table
i ordered some cheddar and broccoli soup
mmmm so good for my own soul

yet i watched the cute male waiters walking by
but they don’t seem notice my dark brown eyes

and i was being so cute and so sweet
even though my unacceptable heart stayed with me
still i would move them by writing them each a harmony poem

suddenly, i would sweep their feet
if they only realize who wrote these beautiful poetry
if they only realize this young lady sitting at the booth

then maybe one of them are starving for my sweet words----

at the restaurant, i face my sister in law & my other niece
while the sunset is almost fading away towards the asian countries
i swing my own two feet cos i was waiting for food and i was bored
i aint got nothing to write on
but i brought a lend pencil instead it was in my purse

we are going to the bookstore
but we couldn’t make it
cos the movie started at 7:30

so i sat at the booth
looking at the things going back in the 1800s

like the alcohol bottles
or maybe there's apple cedar during the civil war
who knows?

one portrait of black & white streets
hanging on a wooden wall
i didn’t wonder.........

copyright ©2006 kai croft

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