God and Mother Earth

God and Mother Earth
water makes the sound of music
i could hear it running through the empty spring breeze
the flowers has spoke some trees, butterflies, of themselves-
more brighter daylight
more sunshine in the late evening
God and Mother Earth
they give such beauty
such joy
i wanna stroll down in the garden
dancing with my own shadow while sweet larks sings to the very blue sky
and oh now i see
God and Mother Earth
they give me courage
oh precious wisdom
love is a wonderful angel
it flies around
but it dies alone
so i shed some little tears to move on----
and now i see
God and Mother Earth
they have grown in ancient
still giving birth of a child, the life,
and now i see
i'm living here
with my feet is on the ground
swaying the night winds upon me
oh faith's in my jacket sleeves
a prayer inside my wool soft blanket
teaching myself to believe in the mysterious ways
oh God and Mother Earth
watching me dream as the stars enters the brilliant darkening sky
somehow my soul's floating all over the great surface

copyright ©2006 kai croft

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