blue butterflies

Blue Morpho

i dont have the artist name...
but its so pretty...

i was inspired by a movie called Corspe's bride. (kids movie)
a bride ghost was turning into many blue butterflies. that went to the moon at the end of
the movie.........

blue butterflies

in the air that stir around
my dream for capturing
the wisdom nights

prayers comes &
God listen
yet he turned my heart into many blue butterflies
those blue butterflies
flew to the pale moon

shining over the hills
where i feel the glow of joy

oh i become thousand blue butterflies---
a many thousand blue butterflies----
flying away to the star
& i grab some wishes in my hands
ball them like moist clay
turning them into miracles---

copyright ©2006 kai croft


Anonymous said...

Hi Kai. My day was EXHAUSTING. How was yours?

I like the blue butterfly, and I like this poem, too.

Pat Paulk said...

Beautiful poem Kai!!!