Today i thought about

 Today i thought about
Today i thought about the movie
passion of the Christ
how it moves me, it brings only tears
and i knew he's a good man mighty king
been crucify him for preaching a life –

well Romans & other kings
didn’t give him a chance
they just made fun of him

oh i was mad, I was hurt
mother mary, her own son got beaten
& that she said, “I’m here I’m here”
this  part made me cry—

suddenly i wonder
if Christ’s still on this earth
w/ holy spirit surrounding everywhere
capturing poor souls
copyright ©2006 kai croft

I was going to put a poster of the movie on my blog, but someone  told me  not to do that cos other people might take it as a offensive , even when I am expressing my opinion  through the  picture I see. And its really true that other people might takes the movie offensive so I thought about it later on and I decided not to put the passion of the Christ poster even though I am not encouraging people to believe in him or something like that. The only reason why I really want to put a few pictures of  the  movie cos I wanted to represent  my strong  opinion & feelings towards the movie. Since someone warn me, I didn’t bother. but u saw my poem above . and its  about my opinion & my feelings towards the movie. I hope my poem won’t be offended anyone out there!

I am not Christian or any other religious. But I happen to like Christianity. I like Jesus Christ And I believe he has saved every human on earth. I always wonder if its all truth in the bible & in real life, then i have to be  really careful of what I say or what I do.. yet I don’t know if its true or  not. Somehow I have invented the great imagination of how Jesus help people in his mysterious ways, how he walks into a child’s dream like a poem I wrote for Easter. I dedicated to all the Christians who have so much faith. I even put a painting of him holding a small child that goes with my poem perfectly. And most people came to my blog  & given me wonderful comments on it. Then again, that painting of him holding a small child I put on my blog for a few days ago before Easter, it  might offend other people.. although I didn’t feel threaten. I guess I was being careful of what I only put on my blog. & I don’t wanna make people even uncomfortable  & have to hear the chaos  all over the places.

So to make this clear, if ur offended by my poems of Christianity, just let me know by giving me a comment!


Pat Paulk said...

I would hope no one would be offended, but some people look for reasons to get offended. Excellent poem!!

Anonymous said...

Kai, you should write about what you want regardless of what other people think.

Happy Friday to you, too, Kai!:)

Carol said...

I agree with the above comments. Some one will always be offended.