In a hotel room

In a hotel room 4/22/06

In a hotel room
I see
the fancy mirror
a two lamplights on the bed stand
an ordinary portrait on a wall

a two beds separate on each opposite side
refrigerator & a microwave
next to the tv
one bathroom

& I'm sitting here
with my own surroundings
thinking of u

so far away
but I took a piece of ur heart
with me

only in a hotel room
there are so many things
that sort of remind me of u

like my reflections on a black refrigerator door
& somehow I saw u in my head
looking stunning, feeling u near me

yet when my mom put grease on my hair
I dreamed of u putting grease on my hair
& I know how u have a sweet frettish with hair

& its so strange
that I'm thinking of u
my mom's doing my hair

oh in a hotel room
turned on some air
I'm always burning like fire
still I saw u

ur tender hands brightens me
ur tongue of blissful words have captivated my soul
& u move me like heaven

tonight I go to sleep
just hoping to see u in my dream

drawers/dark desks
the photograph landscape of a pathway
yes ur spirit lingers &
taking me high

like a floating butterfly cloud
like a dazzling purest wind

copyright ©2006 kai croft

i was in a hotel room & take a little view of things i have seen. somehow i was thinking of s.o.s......*blush*

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