like a marvelous fairy

like a marvelous fairy

night sweet flowers
starry breeze
blowing in the face of a lover
gazing on sleepy clouds

stars are hidden themselves
& they become a lovely twilight


trees were spoken
grass sways

something twinkle in the eyes of a toad
sparks floats upon his space
wondering why its shining

ah now he knows

he knows why its dazzling everywhere

with such a gold light

oh a firefly, a beautiful firefly with yellow wings
it flashes through the heavenly darkness

& it seems like a marvelous fairy
who has a magic wand
to  crack a spell & make the miracles rising in the air

the toads the crickets the owls
they seems to know faith
the meadows the hills   the wholly skies
they capture every bliss
the creeks the rivers the eternity of oceans
they sails mercy all the way to heaven

oh this marvelous fairy

in all of a thousand midnight hours
til morning comes

yet it seems like she came out of those fairy tale books
coming to life escaping the sweet imagination
as she looks around in someone's bedroom
a precious child sleeps

she says "aww dream,  my beautiful child"

she kisses on her forehead
& flew out the window
saw a paleness of moonlight glistening in the sky
she speaks but the moon is silent

what could a marvelous fairy would do?

she flies
& flies

far  &
way up high

& then
she saw a man
with eagle white wings
long dark hair
shaded blue eyes
she wonders, is he a fairy too?

she looks closer
& closer


she excuse herself
& says," are u a fairy?

he said, "no i'm angel from heaven"

she said, " oh mine, what a lovely name...such a lovely place...i'm from the book of fairy tales & i think u
heard of them since as a small child"

he stood & glances in her grey eyes
& said, "ur deeply marvelous, may God bless u..."
Copyright ©2006 kai croft

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