Shadowy Bird

Shadowy Bird
a shadowy bird
flew across my bedroom wall
while I’m writing along
the sweet flow

it was a beautiful shadowy bird
almost like an angel
but it flown away

somehow I wish
it come back &
show me beauty

oh I want to see
it dances in the sunlight
during the darkening daylights

shadowy bird my shadowy bird
when will u come again?
cos I wanna fly away with u

ur really beautiful
I must touch ur shaded wings
& sing with u

be like u
be like the shadowy bird that u are

& it reminds me of such freedom
it reminds me of such heaven

yes go ahead ride with that spring breeze
it just passed by my window
& now maybe I won’t see that shadowy bird
on my bedroom wall anymore

Copyright ©2006 kai croft


Viamarie said...

Nicely worded. Dropping by to greet you a Happy Easter!

Carol said...

But you will have that memory written here and in your heart.
Thanks for sharing these pieces of yourself.