my poems entry 2 ( 2 poems)

This evening
I’ll write another love poem
Or still think what he said to me
Last night
Or maybe I wait for the moon to shine in my dark chamber

I probably watched tv
& get more sleep &
Surf the net
Cos afterwards,
I would soon to be bored

Yet I’m a lazy bone
But there’s some things
That needs to be done
So here I am
Listening to my ipod
Savage Garden
Ah I love them
They are very romantic

Their songs remind me of my love
I remember how so sweet like a season of summer
Oh the feeling of it has blown me away

Even though it broke my heart
He told me
He’d always make me happy
But I am afraid to believe him

Cos I know each time love never worked between two lovers
Then again it’s so beautiful in my eyes
In my dark brown eyes----

I dreamed
I just dream
If love would come & grow old with me

Copyright ©2006 kai croft

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