Halfway to a sweet summer

Halfway to a sweet summer

Halfway to a sweet summer
& I know this &
Ur a blossom of delight
& u should be standing at my bedroom door
With pink roses in ur hands
Asking me if I ever want to come with u
In our own fairy tale
& somehow I’d probably say yes
Cos I’d always give love a try another billion chances

Yet I told him to come and find me
I’m all over the place
I could be somewhere
He’ll have to come and find me

If he really loves me

Oh halfway to a sweet summer
Everything blooms
But I was wanted
I was needed
By this man of pure joy

His name is repeated the sound----
The sound inside my heart
I knew he’s what I’m looking for
But how do I know?
I’m just waiting to capture his gaze-----------

Copyright ©2006 kai croft


Aurora said...

I love the title on this one!

You certainly write a lot of love poems, Kai.:)

Poetry by Kai said...