those heart poems

the opposite of my heart 4-26-06

the opposite of my heart
is not what u see
cos the opposite of my heart
is my bony dead body
lying on the ground
where poetry buried me
in the dirty brown sands

with rain waters me
plants my hands into the sun
turning my legs into a one grass stem

i have brighten leaves
loveliness of pink petals
always around my whole brown body

my complexion blooms into pretty sky light
while red robin hums a love song

oh blossoming away with silence
perfection of beauty------

play dough

soft piece of clay
a homemade creation---
with a lend pencil
i drew a heart

yet there's the sculptor of love
made by an artistic poet
who just express

the overflowing sweet emotions----
the beautiful captivating imagery--

copyright ©2006 kai croft


Aurora said...

Beautiful heart, Kai!

J. Andrew Lockhart said...

love the work! I really like the imaging in the first one ---