Yesterday evening

Yesterday evening

Yesterday evening
I sleep early
Way too early
Didn’t dream but somehow I don’t remember
Cos I slept all the way ‘til middle of dawn-

Mom has tuck me in
And I left my computer on

No music no poetry
Just sleeping away
While the sunset has gone fading into dark landscapes

Oh where are the crickets?
I need them to sooth my soul
Cos they made a wonderful sound-

I usually don’t see fireflies in my backyard
But I wish I could see them
Cos they are so beautiful when their light shimmers upon the darkness

Yet I saw the moon and some stars
In the late night

Oh yesterday evening
I ate my veggie pizza
And didn’t drink the glass of juice

I was too tired
Its been a long day for me
And only Lord knows why

Why I been so busy
Lately when the hours kept rolling in
And the moment stands still

Cos I work and work
‘til noon
And yet I could tell my shadow’s exhausted
Copyright ©2006 kai croft

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