my wavy hair

my wavy hair

my wavy hair
swaying upon the wind
as i drove off

shining underneath
the light----
smelling so sweet

oh i wish
for u to run ur fingers
through my hair

even wish
u tuck my hair
behind my ear

so u can can see
my blushing face
so u can rub
my brown cheek

oh i could smile forever
if u only tay with me

i could see
u playing wth
my wavy hair

as u kiss
my forehead

iindeed i feel
the warmth of
ur hands
blessing me---

copyright ©2006 kai croft


Shannon said...

very visual...I like this, especially the ending...a very sweet twist!

Anonymous said...

Very nice!

Catnapping said...

this reminds me of the first time i was in love. i was almost 18. (i was late bloomer.)

you've done a wonderful job of this poem. thank you.

ardi k said...

Love your style.

Anonymous said...

simply beautiful.

polona said...

this is sweet, kai :)