so today

so today
i think of love
every so often
cos love's spiritually beautiful
& i must write another love poem
every so often

i put my heart out
everywhere i can
by doing
a little project for

like making more love poetry
that shapened a warm feeling
of happiness & sadness

surrounding by thoughts of
ur dreaming romance
in my bedroom

which allows
my soul grew fonder
cos of love, i knew

one day i find a way to
get into ur arms
while it rain & sunshine
blazing in a sweet war

so today
or even this evening
i'd go on thinking of u
'til night time dreams
i see u winking
at me with a smile
replacing my own reality

yet i heard storms
coming to explode its anger
out of the
white clouds
standing there
overcastting ur presence

can u hear me?
do u feel my faith?

cos today
i still courage
this heart of mine
to u

only u
carrying within ur hands

especially in the ran..........
copyright ©2006 kai croft

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samuru999 said...

Nice poem Kai.