butterfly soulmates

butterfly soulmates

flew into joyous skies
over the mountain of flowers
& i knew it's fate

heaven falls into their
eyes when they see
each other

their hearts are beaten
in the flesh of the
caterpillar chests

oh those butterfly soulmates
they fell in love
flying among the sweet eternity

& each time i saw them.
it reminds me of adam & eve
running naked

in the eden garden----

indeed, butterflies go dancing
naked in the wind above
the rainbow meadows

it's love
it's holy love

when they passed away,
their spirit lives on

lives on into joyous skies
where i capture their holy love
& flowing into my heart

so when i meet this wonderful gentleman
of my dreams, i'd give a share of
my own holy love
to him

oh we'll become
butterfly soulmates

& when we die,
our holy love will pass on
to the next beautiful generation----
copyright ©2006 kai croft

1 comment:

samuru999 said...

Such a sweet poem.
And, a gorgeous picture.
I am happy I found your site.
I will be back often.