kisses of my love

kisses of my love

kisses of my love
are blowing into
ur heart where u can find
me in the distance of ur journey

i know i'm somewhere
anywhere my poetry divine
with these kisses i blow

u catch them with
ur hands even though
ur really far away

& i haven't met u
but u can feel my heart
in the summer winds

oh like a thousand kisses
i blow forever to u
go on blowing my fresh breath
if u let me fall into ur arms

cos when i land there in ur strong arms,
u would be my home
copyright ©2006 kai croft


Don Iannone said...

Lovely Kai.

Artpuppy94 said...

This is a beautiful poem. I love the picture.


samuru999 said...

Hi Kai.
I am visiting some sites this morning... found yours.
This is a very beautiful poem.
Thanks for sharing it.
Have a wonderful day!