suddenly bloom

suddenly bloom

suddenly bloom
cos of u
i felt like flower
with butterflies came flying
in me

oh i suddenly bloom
in ur reyes of a
morning sunshine
& blushing along the moment----

ur hands are my garden
u planted my spirit
turning into a heart of
ur dream goddess

& u took me of
the landscape grass
embracing me
kissing me

u suddenly bloom
with my love----
copyright ©2006 kai croft


Borut said...

In bloom:)

ufukhati said...

Again, I like to translate the last stanza of the poem into Malay language (Bahasa Melayu) :

u suddenly bloom
with my love----

kau tiba-tiba kembang
bersama cintaku----]

bloom : kembang
love : cinta
my : aku / ku