a place of love

a place of love

in a room where i'm imagining
things with u
like holding hands
kissing ur sweet lips
looking into ur eyes
& say, "i love u, i love u with all my heart"

but that was my dreams of
being with u
being everywhere u are

oh dear,
would u imagine
where there are floowers
& butterflies in our beautiful surroundings,
while larks sang like angels?

a place of love
a special place of love
its in my heart
its in urs

& when i think of it,
it reminds me of Paris or Venice
that are beaming the lights
over the town

oh yes
u & me
falling down the long hill
& watch the eclipse of moonlight

we can be like
those couples in
a romantic movie

but we are not
so here i am
in my room
imagining all the precious things that
we would do
our place of love
copyright ©2006 kai croft

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peter said...

This is great writing!!!