Venice With U

Venice With U

river took us
down under
the famous bridge
where we kiss

the sunshine capture
our glances & i fell
in ur arms

we cuddle
into warmth of
our souls

many miles are
coming to an end
& i didn't wanna let
us go

i wanna keep going
with that beautiful heavy
load of butterflies
running inside me

cos i knew i enjoyed
having u here
with me

one cute italian boat
has take us wherever
we feel desire

as i found myself
in u
copyright ©2006 kai croft


Maddy said...

i wanna keep going with that
beautiful load of butterflys
running inside of me...

oh Kai - i have felt this-
all those butterfly's

how beautiful. You have such
beautiful images...
i can feel those flutters.

Borut said...

Nicely done.