u make me fly

u make me fly

oh butterflies with lovely pleasure
that’s what ur giving me
have me feeling like a woman
a woman who found gold in a man’s very good heart----

yes indeed , the sunshine almost blind me
cos love’s standing & i begun to blush
boy got my wings on my spine
lift me up to the turquoise skies

u make me fly
touch ur stars

& let me sit on the moon
with u & watch the world together

cos u make me fly
into the wind of ur breath
just blowing kisses at me
& my heart passed out
copyright ©2006 kai croft

1 comment:

Known Stranger said...

Oh butterflies
i know you
fly inside me
with the touch
of a man's tender

oh butterflies
but never knew
you make me fly
to moon through
the eyes of my man.

oh butterflies
please leave not me
to keep me afloat
in the love
of my man
I would give the honey
in me first to you
before to my man.