friday haikus

long walk
on grass where we locate
a tree---
shake hands with a tree
greeting too many leaves
on each branch--
this day--
it seems so quiet and sweet
i wonder why--
©2006 kai croft

i would like to  share some of my haikus... i hope u enjoyed it...


samuru999 said...

I really enjoyed this.
I like so much these words
"This day
it seems so quiet and sweet
i wonder why"

Poetry by Kai said...

thank u...

polona said...

kai, these work well as one poem!

Poetry by Kai said...

thank u

starry nights said...

Beautiful and meaningful kai.

Borut said...

Well done Kai, enjoyed. So, you were shaking a tree, so to speak:)

floots said...

i agree with polona
(though the middle one would be my favourite if i had to pick)
nice work

Borut said...

I really like these three. Like meeting with the Tree of Life, whatever that is...:)

Shane said...