Sun Rain

Sun Rain

Sun rain
A pretty rainbow is out
Oh its time for love
A little kiss of day
Maybe ur heart will beat
Just maybe
But I don’t know
I trace the palm of my hand
Pretending it was urs
While the sky is flashing down
On me
& I was so blind
When the clouds were blocking
My view

I want to see ur face
Ur handsome face
In the sun rain

Cos I know I want u

©2006 kai croft


Pat Paulk said...

Passionate and beautifully expressed Kai!!

Poetry by Kai said...

thanks pat

samuru999 said...

Beautiful poem Kai!
Glad you like my blog in pink!
We are twins now!

ufukhati said...


I like your imagery.

Anonymous said...

Hi, Kai. What a sweet poem!:)