Tuck me in, my love

Tuck me in, my love
Let me sleep & dream
But don’t go
Rest with me tonight

We can hold hands
In our bed
& talk in low sweet whispers
While listening some crickets

Oh my nerves, my bones
They wanted to embrace
Ur sweet soul

Yet  I may be sleep
Easily as I lean to hear ur heartbeat
Telling me lovely fairy tales

& In ur arms
I feel safe
From all of my monster fears

Yes u tuck me in, my darling
Wiping my wetness away
When u said u love me
This much

I knew
My extinct
My soul
All this time
Even before
I knew that
Fate comes knocking
At our windows
& double doors of our heart

I love u
This much too
Much than
I’ve ever have loved someone

Oh tuck me in forever
I’m urs
Ur mine
Always will be….
©2006 kai croft


samuru999 said...

You are writing such beautiful love poems now!
This is so lovely!!

Poetry by Kai said...


Pat Paulk said...

You are such a romantic!! Beautiful Kai!!

Poetry by Kai said...

thank u pat

aruni kashyap said...

Stumbled in suddenly, will come again!Keep writing...nice poetry.