Be a soldier

Be a soldier

Be a soldier
That’s what my brother said
Be brave stay strong
To stand on wheels
I don’t need to be fear
Don’t let nobody or anything
That scares me

Be a soldier
My mom’s always reminding me
Of that phrase
So I won’t be afraid
& not be so gullible
To argue a point of view
Stand up for a love one
Or a friend

Be a soldier
My nieces need to be
Like me,
I’m a soldier
I have to be one
Even if life or death
Scares me

I fight my own battles
I keep secrets
Even if I cry or whine
I’m strong
But not that strong enough
To be like a butterfly

When I’m that strong
I write poetry
Poetry draws me

Poetry makes me feel
& be a soldier
Each day when
My words flows
On  paper

I’ve become more than
A soldier

I’ve become a
©2006 Kai Croft


samuru999 said...

Such a wonderful poem Kai!
I love It!

Anonymous said...

You are a soldier, Kai! I'm proud of you, just like lots of people are proud of you. Hugs.

Pat Paulk said...

A poetry goddess!! Very good!!

Poetry by Kai said...


samuru999 said...

Thanks Kai!
Am feeling better!

polona said...

that's what you are, kai: a soldier and a goddess.
always remember that! hugs!