Halloween pt2

Halloween pt.2

A white werewolf
Stands on a rooftop
Of my house looking at
The whitening moon

Then he came to my window
He saw me writing poetry
I heard loud sniff from outside
Even my prism is locked

I could heard things out
Of my disguise disturbing
The peace in my room

I heard another sniff
I looked around
There’s nothing in the hall
Just appearing darkness

I went through
The blinds &
Suddenly the yellow eyes
Glaring at me

The white teeth flashes
An angry smile

Oh I jump
My heart race
Catching my breath

I went to get my mother
She looked through my blinds
& said there’s nothing
She asked me
Am I ok
I told her
I saw a werewolf at my window
Flashing me an angry smile

She said go to bed
I’ve been watching horror movies

So I went to bed
Trying to sleep
But a loud sniff lingers

I went under the covers
A chill shivers
Through my bones

As I felt a sharp claw scratching me
I turned around
Those yellow eyes
That angry smile

He’s a werewolf ghost
Barking howling
As I called my mother
She didn’t hear me

I yell and yell
I was bitten
Too death

Next morning
My body lies on the
Cover with crimson blood

Mom walk in
& scream

I died.
©2006 Kai Croft


polona said...

now that's scary... gives me shivers

Matt said...

Ditto Polona.

Poetry by Kai said...

thank u matt & polona

starry nights said...

Made me scared Kai. good one. Happy Halloween.

samuru999 said...

You are a scary girl Kai!
Really, really scary!

Good one though!
I like it!


V N said...