It's A Halloween Night 10-31-06

It’s A Halloween Night 10-31-06

There’s no full moon at my window nor trick or treaters comes knocking at my door. This is really something. I don’t usually pass out candy. I think Halloween is a crazy holiday only because people thought it’s a devil’s birthday. It is so sad.

I have come to find out this year about the 666 where the saint is born. I just thought that’s silly. Yet at first I never understood the 666 thing until my friends explained it to me. I thought that’s just silly talk.

To me, Halloween is one of those holidays where I can feel what’s like to be in Edgar Allen Poe shoes and write these delightful scary poems. That’s what I did for the past week. I was in a dark mood. I thought I was going to save that mood on Halloween. But no, instead I was writing just a few days ago.

So today I ran out of ideas. Oh well at least I got to celebrate by writing spooky poems and kind of pretending to be Edgar Allen Poem for once.  


Mr. Poe
He writes in
Raven eyes

     Scary poetry
     Speaks to u in the dark
     Haunting voice…..

I capture my body
©2006 Kai Croft


V N said...

Poe and the Raven...
Takes me back to my Post grad days...

Scary all right!!
;) :D :)

Poetry by Kai said...

thank you

ufukhati said...


Look at the sky,
and the "idea" is there!

Poetry by Kai said...

thank u

floots said...

love these
"He writes in
Raven eyes"

samuru999 said...

Morning Kai
More good,scary stuff!


polona said...

love this, kai!
hope you had as much fun writing those scary poems as we did reading them :)