On the first day of November

On the first day of November                    11-1-2006

On the first day of November, I ate the tomato grape for my morning snack. Now here I am typing in the silence. The trees are still blossoming in many autumn colors. Sooner enough it will be whitening winter. I bet it really chilly outside. Since Halloween is over, I guess it is time to put the scary stuff away in the closet. I think right about now, I should start thinking what I’m thank for. There are so many things and many people that I love to be thanking for. Thanksgiving is the next few weeks ahead. So I rather make a list of what I’m thankful for.


A list of
My thousand blessings
Written in the stars

Pumpkin pie
With a whipped cream smile
On its face

Prayers on the
Thanksgiving table
Bow your head-------
©2006 Kai Croft


Matt said...

Enjoyed, Kai.

ufukhati said...


l feel like to fly.

Beautiful prose, poem and butterfly!

Poetry by Kai said...

thank u.....
how r u?

Poetry by Kai said...

thank u ufukhati

Pat Paulk said...

Amen!! Pass the pie, please...

samuru999 said...

Oh, I love this one Kai!
Have a happy day!


Poetry by Kai said...

thank u

polona said...

nice, kai!
i love pumpkin pie :)

Don Iannone said...

Lovely Kai. I love pumpkin (punkin) pie too.