i am updating this poem
i post it since april
hope u guys could relate to this


i dare them to fly away
cos they're near me-

oh sweet innocent butterflies
why do they come and distract me?

each time i saw a cute man
walking by
i knew something that lingers me for a while
but i'm not suppose to feel this way

just cos i'm still young....

©2006 kai croft


Anonymous said...

Lovely poem, Kai.

Maybe butterflies have been sent here by God to watch over us . . . like undercover angels. What do you think? ;-)

Poetry by Kai said...

ty sb

Anonymous said...

I remember this! Lovely, Princess Kai.

Jon Cox said...

Very Beautiful! :o)

Poetry by Kai said...

ty guys

J. Andrew Lockhart said...

wish I was still young. :)

Anonymous said...

cute poem! I can relate to this poem and I love butterflies.

floots said...

i'm not so young anymore
but those butterflies still distract me :)
thanks kai
nice write

Pat Paulk said...

Kai, even older butterflies have those feelings. Love the rewrite.

samuru999 said...

Love it!


Poetry by Kai said...

ty all

polona said...

that's lovely, kai! :-)