Soul of a damselfly

Soul of a damselfly

Its covered with a lonely shadow
Breaking in a moment
Just stands on a green leaf

Watch the sunlight amongst the clouds
It wonders in lover’s fate
Oh he flew & flew all the way

Catching dandelion dusk
Floating away
Kinda like shooting star

Indeed the soul of a damselfly
Flew high
On every little mountaintop

& become the knight of grass lands
Flying over
As the day breaks
© Kai Croft


Aurora said...

Good stuff, pp bfly. :)

Poetry by Kai said...

ty aa

polona said...

very nice, kai.
love it!

urban butterfly said...

I like this one.

It reminds me of being alone- which I am most of the time.

floots said...

beautifully done

samuru999 said...

Another beauty!
Love this one!


Poetry by Kai said...

thank u guys