princess poetryoholic butterfly (p.p.b-fly)

princess poetryoholic butterfly (p.p.b-fly)

princess poetryoholic butterfly (p.p.b-fly)
that's who i am
i fly with poems in the beat of my heart
grooving in the blue skies

pages become flowers
that my soul sits on
fluttering in magical rhythms

dances upon silence of air
stirring around into
little goose bumps

as everyone reads me

yet i become albatross lady
writing on stars & moon
with billion of sweet words swims in

my dripping tears....

oh i knew my shadow my presence
would grow high
touch the rooftops
my hand on clouds


princess poetryoholic butterfly (p.p.b-fly)
also know as albatross lady
cos i do fly with poems inside my soul

& i'll keep flying high

i won't fall...
©Kai Croft


Aurora said...

Wonderful, Kai! :)

Poetry by Kai said...


polona said...

beautiful, pp b-fly albatross girl kai :-)

urban butterfly said...

Wow!! I love this, Kai!!

This is reminiscent of a poem that Xavier wrote called "Chemistry".

Thanks for sharing!

Anonymous said...

LOL... PPBFly indeed! You make me smile REAL big, :-D

samuru999 said...

You make me smile!

Poetry by Kai said...

ty guys

glad to make ya'll smile