A cute tall elf

A cute tall elf

He approach me
As I put my hand in his
With precious hellos

We started kindly flirting
I gave him my sweet words
He blushes

Exchange numbers
As we text along the night
Maybe each day….

He lives in North Pole
Worked at the toy station
Getting pay every other Friday

I know his boss
He used to come to my house
Every xmas eve

I didn’t know he has such a hot employee
With muscular arms & adorable dimples
On his face

I may ask him to
Wrap that cute tall elf
& put it under a tree

With a bow on top
Oh yeah
Make sure to put holes on the box
So he can breathe

Also give him food
& let him use the men’s room
While delivering him to me

Indeed it would be a very
Sweet holiday gift
To me

Cos I wanna be his girl
His sweetie
His little young princess
If Santa don’t mind
I would love for him to stay
With me in the

Maybe we shall live
Together &
Become beautiful soulmates

Somehow live happily ever after?

© Kai Croft


Aurora said...


Poetry by Kai said...

santa won't mind....lol

samuru999 said...

Morning Princess Kai!
Of-course santa won't mind!


Poetry by Kai said...


starry nights said...

Kai..I think santa would be happy to let you have that special elf. so sweet kai. have a beautiful holiday season.

polona said...

cute :)