Dark Brown Eye Shades 12.15.06

Dark Brown Eye Shades

A dream I sleep
On a flower
With a crystal spirit from heaven

Oh my soul recognize such light
I see it blinding me
Yet those eye lashes fluttered a sweet view

Like a blocking butterfly

Indeed dark brown eye shades

I covered my twinkle stars
Gone shining away
& nobody still don’t see

Only I
Cos of my glow
I search for my secrets in the dark
& I’ve find some

So indeed dark brown eye shades

A mystery of love
In dust of winds
As I bring the day

Somehow you didn’t know
I have that kind of light
Cos you don’t see what I only see

My inner strength of beauty
© Kai Croft


Aurora said...

Sweetie Kai, this is beautiful! And I think people see your inner beauty more than you realize, because you have a poet's soul. :)

Poetry by Kai said...

ty aa

samuru999 said...

Princess Kai
This is so very beautiful!!!!
I love it!!!!


GEL said...

Hi Kai,
Love the new look to your blog. You're sure spiffed it up with great decorations and blog "fun things." :)

You're brave to show your "dark brown eye shades." I/We see your twinkling starry eyes.

This is a beautiful and powerful title to your poem. Outer beauty fades or can mask vileness. It's the precious inner "beauty"- that glow and shine you write about here so touchingly, that is far more precious and true.

Poetry by Kai said...

ty gel

starry nights said...

Loved this Kai.really beautiful.also liked the self posed picture.

Poetry by Kai said...

ty starry nights

polona said...

kai, your inner beauty shines like a diamond!

floots said...

well done
especially liked the "blocking butterfly"
and ditto aurora and polona

Pat Paulk said...

Kai, this beautiful poem mirrors your beauty perfectly!!