nose taps of love

nose taps of love

nose taps of love
with a simple kiss
i kind of blush
& get a little twinkle in my eye

in my heart
i felt like a small dark child
just rubbing against yours

angels comes & saw u
kissing my nose
knew ur one of them

yet even it turns red
& glowing like Rudolph
maybe i should not show it
keep myself cool

but nose taps of love
i couldn’t get enough
ur sweet &
I want u so
© Kai Croft


Anonymous said...

Very nice, Kai. :)

polona said...

this one made me smile, pp b-fly!
so sweet! :)

samuru999 said...

How sweet!
It made me smile too Princess Kai Ditty!
Can't wait to hear about the dance!


Anonymous said...

Delightful p.p.b-bly!

Poetry by Kai said...

ty ditty pals

Pat Paulk said...

Rudolph doesn't glow as bright as you!!