Time of Love/haiga

Time of Love

Time of love
I share a little piece of my soul
To u
In ur hands
With mine to hold
& u bring such gratitude
Such sweet mystery
Filling me with butterflies

U are my time of love
Not just a clock or slow hours
It’s the right moment
When I touch ur hand
Feel the drum pulses of ur heartbeat

Always near me
Yet I feel u so
Like your presence warms my shadow

© Kai Croft Posted by Picasa


Anonymous said...

Wonderful, Kai, and I love your new pictures! You look gorgeous!

Poetry by Kai said...

ty aa

samuru999 said...

Hi Sweet Kai
And you do look gorgeous in the pictures...you look so happy!!!!
Love them!


Poetry by Kai said...


polona said...

so beautiful, pp b-fly, and you look fantastic on those pictures!

Poetry by Kai said...


Shane said...

very touching

Don Iannone said...

Nice poem Kai. Christmas is a wonderful time of the year...

Merry Christmas!