tomato girl

tomato girl

she sat & ate her little red tomatoes
her tongue give its a taste
so delicious

like maybe sour of words
overflowing the rhythm

indeed she was called
tomato girl
cos she loves her some tomatoes

with nothing plain
to her its like poetry in her mouth

when she chews up
a few sweet sentences
capturing a silent sound

between her teeth
wandering off each breath
oh she kind of hums

& say "i love it"


© Kai Croft


J. Andrew Lockhart said...

I really like this!

Borut said...

I don't like tomatoes but I like thi one! Very Zen Buddist like. Becoming one with whatever you're doing. Escapes me most of the time.:)

Pat Paulk said...

Kai, I love tomatoes too!! Cherries, Romas, Grape, and big fat ripe ones!! Poem made my mouth water!!!

Poetry by Kai said...

ty all

Anonymous said...

These are both good poems. Well done, pp bfly! :)

Poetry by Kai said...

ty aa

polona said...

you made me want a tomato :)
very good!

samuru999 said...

Love both poems!
And, I do love tomatoes! Yum! Yum!
Have a wonderful day Kai!


Poetry by Kai said...

ty everyone