A Garden of love

A Garden of love

A garden of love
That’s where I go
To catch butterflies in my hands

A sweet dream weeps away
In ice cream clouds
A lonely butterfly angel saw the tears pouring down my cheek

As she whispers through her dusk of breath
I hear her saying “I want fate I want love”
Realizing that’s what my heart craving for

Love & fate

Yet I saw her
The same complexion same dark brown eyes
& she flew down to a garden of love

She saw me & knew who I was
I was her I became her
With my pure pink wings fluttering upon the dandelion dust

As I gave a little sneeze

I am that lonely butterfly angel

Here I go
To a
Garden of love

Where I’m looking for my knight
& he’s looking for me

Oh our faith is looking for us

A garden of love…….
© Kai Croft


Aurora said...

This is very sweet, as are you, pp bfly. :)

samuru999 said...

How very sweet!
Love it pp b-fly!

And, the picture is adorable!


Poetry by Kai said...

ty guys

Pat Paulk said...

That's some garden you have there!!

polona said...

must be a beautiful place!
love it, kai!