Xmas party

Xmas party

Cute guys everywhere
But don’t have them wrap around my itty bitty finger
I just look and say hi

No numbers in my hands
just a smile

dancing away in spotlight
kind of like a star princess
dress all black with silver lining

oh xmas party
I groove in my wheelchair
Not running people over
But I’m so dangerous on the dance floor

Indeed I was very careful
Enjoying myself
Too bad I didn’t find me any sweet man around

Instead I hang with couple of friends
Ate cake drank coke
Follow by doing the cha cha slide

Yet I had so much fun
Just flirting grooving

When I got home
I was exhausted
Asking my mom for hot cocoa

Then I went to bed &
Sleep happily
© Kai Croft

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samuru999 said...

You look so pretty pp b-fly
in your Xmas party outfit!
I am so glad you had such a wonderful time!
Love this!



Aurora said...

Kai, what a hot outfit! You look gorgeous!

Poetry by Kai said...

ty girlie girls

polona said...

kai, you look fantastic!
glad you had a great time.

Poetry by Kai said...

ty polona

Anonymous said...

whoa . . . foxy p.p.b-fly!!! if only i was 25 years younger. ;-)

i enjoyed your poetic report of the event too!

Shane said...

your party sounded like a blast.

you look like your dressed to kill!
like that Hall and Oates song, "Man Eater"

Seasons Greetings and Merry Christmas