A Letter To Santa

A Letter To Santa

A letter to santa
I wrote what I want
In another dream
That cast away with such
Crazy imagination
Yet beautiful eloquent all
Over the white pale paper
Indeed my soul my heart
I’ve become a little shining star
Not in the sky
But to my lover’s eye

Here I wrote:

Dear Santa,
Do u know what I want for xmas?
I want butterflies dancing in my room
& a prince charming from fairy tales
The one who carries me in his arms, sweetly serenading me
Oh that’s what I want for xmas

Will u bring such joy lovely sorrow?
With a candle remorse the fire?
Cos I pray in my soul that whispers to the pink moon

Indeed please?
Bring my butterflies
& prince charming
Into my world
Luv Always,

Now that’s the power of a nice letter
He will enjoy every word that flows from my heart
Maybe a shed of tear gently rolls out of his eyelids
With a smile on his face
Filling with pure spirit

I’ll mail it to North Pole

©Kai Croft


Anonymous said...

Beautiful, p.p.b-fly!

And I beat Marguerite-ditty, Polona-ditty, AA-ditty, Dirty-ditty and all the other dittys out there. :-)

J. Andrew Lockhart said...

very nice!

samuru999 said...

Where did my comment go?
I actually was here before Sb...
(but, I can't prove it)
and left a comment!
Not here!!!!

What I said was that your letter will melt Santa's heart...
it did mine!
Love it!

luv you!


Poetry by Kai said...

ty all

Anonymous said...

Very nice, pp bfly!

polona said...

i'm sure santa will love it!
very nice!