a holiday fairy 12.18.06

a holiday fairy 12.18.06

she waves her wand at me
spreading magical dusk over my complexion
oh i close my eyes & made me a one simple wish

i wish myself to be a christmas butterfly angel
who flies in the winter icy skies
wandering off in silver snow---

indeed she said, "one two three turning into
a christmas butterfly angel"

& i became one....

with a pale white gown in glowing sparks
my baby pink wings fluttered
lifting me off the ground
oh i'm flying in the crisp of frozen winds

yet i touch the winter icy skies
snow clouds swayed pass me

& that holiday fairy, she smiled at me & disappear-----
©Kai Croft


Anonymous said...

:) Magical!

samuru999 said...

Yes, magical!
And, lovely!
I love it Kai!


Poetry by Kai said...

ty ditty gals

Pat Paulk said...

I've always wondered what a Christmas butterfly angel looked like. Now I know, very pretty!!

Poetry by Kai said...

ty pat