butterfly skin

butterfly skin

butterfly skin
feel her pulses
wings imp on her spine
as she flutters away

into stars around the pale moon
her name was called &
she follows a scented bird

then she was
right at my window
morning sun glows through her
i gave out an open hand

she flew on my palm
clapping her flower dusks away
as i gently rubs her soft caterpillar body

her beauty touch my soul
she's so precious
like a tiniest angel
i never knew

she was sweet
her shadow reminds me
of my own spirit

glancing on thin air
where i find a mirror of love
in her golden eyes
indeed i read her poetry

she grooves to my melody of verses
drinking all the rhythms
i once pour

i was in a butterfly skin
smoothly caress
& her gorgeous tears dripped on
my little fingers

i felt her heart trembles
a small loud beat
like a stormy drum

she flew away
into mystery clouds
wave her wings goodbye

oh i've been touch
by a butterfly skin
reminiscing her soul
©Kai Croft


Anonymous said...

Awwwww! Very beautiful, pp bfly!

Poetry by Kai said...

ty aa

samuru999 said...

Very beautiful and lovely!


polona said...

ditto aa and margie :-]

catching up w/ my comments... my internet connection let me down last night...