Another Princess Kai’s Gratitude List 12.20.2006

Another Princess Kai’s Gratitude List 12.20.2006

I decided to make another list of my gratefulness. Hope u enjoy!
Luv ya

Here is my top 13

13. I’m grateful for having the best ditty family in the world
12. I’m grateful to have adopted big sis AA ditty /my dearest e-pal
11. I’m grateful to have my Security Elvis as my big bro ditty
10. I’m grateful to have Margie ditty around with kind visits & warm hugs
9. I’m grateful to have Polona ditty for being silly with us
8. I’m grateful to have Pat for his friendly visits
7. I’m grateful to have miss bowie owie to stop by & chat with us
6. I’m grateful for my niece is chilling with me today
5. I’m grateful for my mom being my mom
4. I’m grateful for x-mas is around the corner
3. I’m grateful for doing the cha cha on email with AA ( it is my silly idea)
2. I’m grateful that Xavier came by & said hi:-]
1. Yet so grateful that I’m just being miss p.p.b.fly Kai


polona said...

awww... what a lovely list! (and i'm in there, too :D

Anonymous said...

Very nice.:)

Poetry by Kai said...


samuru999 said...

I love your wonderful list!
I feel very special to be included in the list!

Thanks for checking on me today Sweetie...I have been kind of sick the past few days...and we have very, very bad weather today...a blizzard...
I hope to feel better soon!
Take care!



Poetry by Kai said...

hope to get well