A mommy poem

A mommy poem

I love u
& thank u
For raising me
As a young lady
Also reading my mind
Is what makes a good mother
Do when I’m acting a
Little spoil brat

I still call u mommy
I’m really stuck on
Calling u mommy &
I usually call u mom
But u didn’t care

As I don’t call u
By ur first name----

©2006 Kai Croft


J. Andrew Lockhart said...


Poetry by Kai said...

ty andrew

samuru999 said...

This is so sweet!
I love it!
I didn't notice it last night!
Our chat was lots of fun!!!
Are you getting excited about the dance?


Poetry by Kai said...

ty margie
i had fun last nite...
&yes very excited

polona said...

beautiful! yout mum must have loved it!

have a great time at the dance!

Pat Paulk said...

Love it Kai!!