moths’ heaven

moths’ heaven

i fly away
touching those blue skies
fate in my hands
keep strolling
i rather want the wings fluttering around me
just around me
feels like a dream
oh a sweet dream
i can drift away in thousand winds
& become a butterfly girl

there’s my knight
with his open arms
just waiting for me
to flown away with him

into a cloud of light
we followed we linger
every shadow on the ground
kind of like angels
but we disguise

i watched him as my shooting star
racing above the dandelions
towards a meadow
only wonder where’s he going

i asked him,
“where are u going, my dear?”
he said, “to moths’ heaven my sweet baby”

that’s where our home is

so he took my hand
& flew away
Into those blue skies

our love’s calling
i escape myself
To the moon
Shining on shining on

as i’m in the nightingale light

yet i fall asleep
In his arms…..
©Kai Croft


samuru999 said...

Wonderful one!
just love it!


Poetry by Kai said...

ty margie ditty

Pat Paulk said...

Beautiful Kai!! Did that "Butterfly" animation I sent inspire this?

polona said...

oh, kai, this is beautiful!
hugs :-)

Poetry by Kai said...

pat-yes the butterfly animation has inspired me....

polona-ty as always

Anonymous said...

Lovely piece, p.p.b-fly.

Poetry by Kai said...

ty sb