on xmas day 12.25.06

on xmas day 12.25.06

on xmas day
oh so grey
no snowfalls
nor even sunshine
i just wok up
& heard surprise news

The Godfather James Brown
passed away

now that something
i never heard of

its sad its strange
but i went downstairs
to have hot morning coffee

& opened my gifts.....

© Kai Croft


Anonymous said...

That was sad news, wasn't it?

Anonymous said...

Lovely thoughts, Kai. Hope you had a good day.

Poetry by Kai said...

hey guys
& its sad

samuru999 said...

Hi Kai
It was sad news about James Brown!
Hope you enjoyed your hot morning coffee, and liked your gifts!

I had a great Christmas day!


polona said...

that was sad news...
hope you enjoyed your gifts, princess kai!