Once upon my midnight

Once upon my midnight
I stay up til
3 something am
Wrote poetry &
Listening to my ipod
I also ate m&ms
Now I’m tired
Getting under the covers
Oh I will dream about
Such a long endless night…..
© Kai Croft


Anonymous said...

I did that the other night, then got up early for work. You're such a bad influence on me. :)

Poetry by Kai said...


samuru999 said...

Me too!
I have done it...
So nice to crawl under the covers
after a late night.
Now where are my m&m's?
Was so lovely chatting with you and
AA ditty tonight!


polona said...

i wish you a long night, sweet kai!
i stay up late all too often and hate getting up early the morning after :)

Pat Paulk said...

M & M's and good dreams, doesn't get any better!!

Poetry by Kai said...


Anonymous said...

I love m&m's...and I love dreaming :-)