xmas in d.c.

i have my friend took that pic for me yesterday
even though its faraway
but the xmas lights are beautiful
kind of like stars all over the tree

i had a ball

i listened to little girls sing some favorite xmas songs
& yet it was cold, there were no snow
but a lo of people were enjoying themselves

i knw i did
it was right after the xmas concert.....
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Borut said...

Lucky you Kai! Enjoyed reading it:)

Poetry by Kai said...

ty borut

samuru999 said...

Hi beautiful pp b-fly
I am go glad you had such a wonderful time!
Thanks for sharing!

Luv you!


Poetry by Kai said...


luv u 2

polona said...

beautiful, kai!
i'm glad you enjoyed the concert :-)

Anonymous said...

Nice one p.p.b-fly. As to the photo, I'm blinded by the light even from down here. ;-)

Pat Paulk said...

Ditto borut, lucky you!!

starry nights said...

Beautiful pic Kai.thanks for sharing.How have you been? ready for christmas.

Poetry by Kai said...

ty guys

Anonymous said...

I'm so glad you had a good time! :)